Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100% Italian “A passion handed down for years”

Agricultural Society Cote di Mezzo

The Agricultural Society Cote di mezzo was born in 2016 on the initiative of three farmers. It is placed at 500 meters above the sea level, among the lush hills of Calabria.

Driven by the tradition that has bound their family to olive growing for almost a century, the three young members decided to invest their future in this land.

Tradition and innovation come together to create an oil recalling the history and culture handed down for generations while maintaining a constant connection with the present.

The processing phases

During the ripening of the olive there is a gradual increase in the percentage of oil and a progressive decrease in the aqueous one, therefore it is important that the harvest takes place at the right time and with the most suitable methods.

Olive Harvesting

October and November are the months dedicated to the olive harvest. During this period of the year, the olives reach the right degree of ripeness.A team of experts, with the help of mechanical combs, dedicates themselves with care to this first phase of working. Within a few hours, the olives are brought to the oil mill: weighing, defoliation and washing are the first stages of extraction.

Cote di Mezzo - Raccolta

Olive Milling

The next process consists in grinding the pulp and the core of the olives to reduce them into a paste which, by “kneading”, is continuously mixed in order to allow the drops of oil to coagulate and be extracted. To preserve the quantity of polyphenols and therefore to guarantee a quality oil, it is necessary to keep the temperature low, and to work in total absence of air. Through the decanter, the paste is separated and the liquid part is conveyed into the separator that, exploiting the centrifugal force, separates the oil from the vegetation water.

Cote di Mezzo - Molinatura

The storage of olives

Olive oil must be stored in stainless steel containers, bottles of dark glass or tin, away from light and heat sources. If the container is intact and well sealed, the olive oil contained in it will remain unaltered for about 18 months.

Cote di Mezzo - Conservazione

Our Oil

The extra virgin olive oil is produced by cold milling of the crops coming from our lands.

Our processing and oil extraction methods are modern, to ensure a finished product of excellent quality but without ever interfering with tradition and genuineness.

Olio Aristeo