Our story

Producers from 1950, the story of our family.

At 500 meters above the sea level, among the lush hills of Calabria, the Agricultural Society Cote di mezzo was born in 2016 on the initiative of three farmers.

Driven by the tradition that has bound their family to olive growing for almost a century, the three young members decided to invest their future in this land.

Tradition and innovation come together to create an oil that recalls the history and culture handed down for generations while maintaining a constant link with the present.

The oil, our vocation

Love and tradition

Our People

In the folds of the wrinkled bark of the olive tree you can read a history that goes back thousands of years and is inextricably linked to our sea.

Over the years we have decided to pursue our passion for oil encouraged by love for the land and our traditions.

Our Promise

Our work

The philosophy of the Cote di Mezzo society originates from peasant knowledge and respect for the seasonal cycles of nature, to arrive at the use of modern and sustainable techniques, which safeguard the peculiarities of a territory.

Oil production

The extra virgin olive oil is produced from olive trees owned by the company, 100% Italian and grown exclusively under organic farming.

It is the result of a blend composed of two cultivars: CAROLEA and PENNULARA, the latter autochthonous of the high Crotonese.

Cote di Mezzo - Azienda

Pet Therapy

The agricultural company Cote di Mezzo, which makes innovation and diversification its main objectives, has decided to broaden its horizons and its activities also focusing on a social dimension.

It houses a Centre for Assisted Interventions with Animals (AIA), commonly known by the term Pet Therapy, a term that indicates the involvement of an animal for helping people, or with an educational purpose, in order to improve the communication and relationship of the user with the environment.

The Cote di Mezzo’s Family

Aristeo, our oil

The extra virgin olive oil is produced by cold milling of the crops coming from our lands.

Our processing and oil extraction methods are modern, to ensure a finished product of excellent quality but without ever interfering with tradition and genuineness.

Olio Aristeo